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Explore. Propose.
Defines strategic, material and spiritual goals of human life.

For people who:

—life goal not clear yet;
— standing at the crossroads;
— can't see a way out;
— confused.

Should I change my job?
Should I consider moving to another place?
The service analyzes the individual's predestination and offers several variants of activity and development.

Price: $5
Propose your prognostication service
The service helps to determine the exact birth time by memorable life events.

For those who want to enhance prognostication accuracy in services or using a common astrological birth chart.

A 45-minute error in birth time will give a 1-year miss in predictions! By undertaking a simple test any person will be able to recapture their exact time and date of birth on their own and submit the data to other services to profit by them.

Price: $10
Propose your prognostication service
Determining hidden traits of an individual's nature, inborn gifts, karmic tasks.

For individuals who:

— want to find an interesting occupation;
— are not sure of themselves;
— can't understand whether they have talent for a particular occupation.

Having this information in their possession, an individual can attain the most significant goals in life, synchronize their activity with their abilities.

Price: $10
Propose your prognostication service
Creation of a personal brand
A step-by-step plan of creating a personal brand prompts the person's strongest traits to be used for building up a personal brand.

The service can help to choose a name or a pseudonym that reveals the individual's possibilities to the full.
Price: $20
Propose your prognostication service
Your day
Personal voice helper for every day.

A new day always means new energy which strengthens some of our traits while weakening others. The service, taking into account various time factors, helps you to choose advantageous days and hours for your affairs, tasks, undertakings. The service recommends harmonizing everyday tips customized to every particular individual: yoga exercises, clothing, stones, diets. In-built Beauty Calendar helps to choose the most suitable days for having haircut, manicure, massage, cosmetic treatments, for starting on a detox diet and health treatments.

Subscription price $1 per month

Propose your prognostication service
Prognostication and planning life events
Integral service for defining optimal time frames for:
soul searching and self realization, climbing up the career ladder, improvement of social standing, enhancement of the level of well-being, search for relationship and starting a family, giving birth and rearing children, health improvement and so on.
The service includes a diary module for planning on three levels: current everyday planning (taking into account time factors), planning for the current life span up to three years, strategic planning, lofty goals.

Subscription price $1 per month

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Planning a move
Searching for and choosing a new place to live most сonducive to realizing goals, plans and desired events.

An efficacious way of correcting your destiny. You have probably noticed how your condition is influenced by the area you're in. So it is! Our location on the globe plays a crucial part for developing our abilities. For example, you can easily achieve success in finding a business partner by changing your country of residence. The question is, what country to choose?
Subscription price $1 per month

Propose your prognostication service
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