Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
Business plan
The service can help to determine when and where it will be best to establish a company, when to deliver presentations, when and where introduce and launch your product, locate headquarters and production.

The service will show propitious and unpropitious periods in the director's life. Everyday employment of the service can save the director's time, efforts and resources as well as reduce their mistakes considerably.
Taking on personnel
The integral service will help managers to understand whether the applicant is suitable for the job, to build up and structurize an efficacious team.

The choice will be made with regard for every applicant's individual features. It's no secret that the coordination of a team depends not only on the leader, but also on good integration of all its members. If your team contains two or more members who conflict with each other instead of maintaining smooth performance, it will influence adversely both the team and the entire company.
Choosing the company's name and brand
A happily chosen name is the key factor of the organization's success.

When choosing the name and brand it is advisable to make sure they correlate to the activity and the mission and carry the right imagery and associations. The neuron educational service can make this process significantly easier and quicker.
Access to Bhrigu's database and tools
There is a possibility to carry out your own research and work out algorithms for predicting.

The Bhrigu team will be willing to purchase proven algorithms with money from the special development fund.
Setting up and promotion of a personal site or school
The application allows to build a site offering your services within and without the platform quickly and effortlessly.

The templates have inbuilt tracking systems that are based on smart contracts, the Bhrigu crypto currency and DAO principles. This approach allows to completely solve any experts' problems related to drawing in clients, ensuring their timely payments, taxation and legal support. Experts can organize their own online school easily. The expert will have to prepare the programme for the training course, make necessary videos and prepare tests for attenders according to the relevant template.
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