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Alisher Yulchiev
Practicing astrologer, follower of SPbAA scientific astrology. The mastermind of the Bhrigu ecosystem. Founder of
The founder of the project, СЕО
Stanislav Petrov
Project Manager of "Slav-Engineering"
The author of the psychological game
"Maya is a maze of Illusions"
Pavel Kuznetsov
The manager of the design studio.
UI\UX design
UI\UX design
Mishanti Dev
Expert and entrepreneur in the field of it. Knows10 languages, only 2 of them human.
Технический директор
Varvara Butkovskaya
Practicing astrologer, laboratory expert. Senior research scientist with the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory.
Alakh Niranjan
Jyotish Astrology.
Founder of the Vedic school Jyoti Peeth
Founder. Adviser
Administrator of the project
Alexey Astapenkov
Astrologer, expert in the field of horary astrology
Philologist, translator
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