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Market rationale and analysis
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) BHRIGU. Focused on effectivity and directly aimed at preserving the resources of each individual and the planet as a whole.

BHRIGU will be able to perform the function of "Personal online psychologist", understanding the user better than he himself, as its knowledge will be based on a set of astrological algorithms for a specific person. Getting constant updates from self-learning global statistics of BHRIGU platform.

AI is an underground of computer science consentrated on a research of how machines can mimic human intelligence. This means that AI can be applied wherever a computer force is used to replace human decision - making or performing the tasks normally associated with sentient beings. In its basic form, a machine learning algorithm uses a set of training data to make decisions, and each time it makes a correct decision based on what it already knows, it adds that knowledge to the training set, thereby increasing the level of intelligence over time.

Understanding the likely future will help to overcome adverse events and make the most out of the favorable periods and chances of fate.

It is proved that the human body - the electromagnetic field of man - acts in strict accordance with the fluctuations of the electromagnetic field of the Earth, which, in turn, depend on the impact of cosmic factors on them.
Studies of the correspondences of world events and the cycles of celestial bodies displayed the coincidence between the General course of life and the fate of each individual and the positions of the heavenly bodies and planets at the time of his birth. All of them can be set in advance and accurately calculated.


In the ancient Vedic texts it is described that more than 5,000 years ago, the sage Bhrigu recorded the fate of all people who have ever lived, lives or will live on Earth in the "scrolls of fate." Today, everyone can receive their individual cosmic message by visiting the Bhrigu heirs office in India.


Built on 10 years statistics of the astrological service, you can see a growing interest in predictive services as a whole. With the increasing integration of humanity into the digital space, it opens the possibility of direct access to more than 5 billion users around the world.

A 2016 Gartner study shows that by 2020, at least 30% of companies worldwide will use artificial intelligence (AI) in at least one piece of their sales processes. Today, companies around the world use AI and machine learning (ML) to optimize their processes.

The accuracy of astrologer's predictions reaches 80%. And in areas where informed decisions are excluded, the accuracy of the forecast can reach 100%.
Carl Gustav Jung actively used the methods of astrology in his research, consultations, practice of psychoanalysis.

Raymond Merriman is a well-known American astrologer and one of the world's best specialists in financial astrology. Since 1982 he has published annual analytical materials for the financial market, which are used by traders around the world.
Wolfgang Angermeyer, astrologer and professional of the highest class in economic matters, the father of economic astrology. In 1984, at the seminar "Cosmic rhythms and economic cycles: fundamentals of economic cosmology" he proved that all world economic trends are due to the influence of transit planets in the horoscopes of States, cities, as well as individual trusts, concerns and corporations.

He showed that economic forecasts by methods of astrology can be done for many years and decades to come. Angermeyer had perfected the technique to such an extent that he could only make infallible predictions from cosmograms.
Bhrigu is a decentralized intelligent analysis platform and the predictive source of upcoming events, based on the natural rhythms of the Universe.

After entering the international digital market with Bhrigu predictive system we will be able to confirm statistically, the high accuracy of forecasts which will help to significantly increase the confidence in prediction systems.
The goal of BHRIGU is to select the best, time-tested, predictive algorithms and generate new ones based on them, in order to achieve the most effective result in all existing spheres of action.

As a result, we will get a new generation predictive system available to everyone. By combining artificial intelligence with the expertise of experts, Bhrigu will help save resources and improve the quality of human life.

Fundament of Bhrigu – years of experience and technological development of astrological platform, that is one of the leading astrological online resources and predictive services.

Market analysis shows that at the moment there are no direct competitors for Bhrigu platform!

Asosiates: Gnosis, Augur, Cindicator, Cryptics, SingularityNET.
Health and security
Why am I sick?
When and how can I get sick?
How to live a long and energetic life?

Relationship with other people

When shall I meet my love?
How can I socialize with people harmoniously and achieve synergy?
How can I choose the most advantageous time for begetting a child?

Effective self-realization
How can I discover my vocation and make it profitable? When and where is it better to set up business? With whom?

Self-identification and soul searching
Who am I?
Why did I come here?
What is my predestination?
What direction should I be developing in?

Prediction of profits and losses for small and large businesses
What should I do to achieve success and avoid losses in business?
Futurologists say that within the next 10 years every second adult able-bodied person will be made redundant and will have to reinvent his life and rediscover his predestination in the new living conditions. After a couple of decades more the majority of the rest will be getting the same treatment.
The Bhrigu concept
Bhrigu is a hybrid intelligent system (HIS) producing new generation high-accurate predictions.

The HIS Bhrigu combines:

-the newest technologies of data processing (machine education and artificial neuronets);

-time-proven algorithms, methods of mathematical statistics, combinatorics, probability theory;

-methods of scientific and Vedic astrology;

-methods of other predictive systems;

-expert knowledge and experience;

-users' data.

«Bhrigu - will be trained with the help of experts who complement the General database with their knowledge and experience, system will form the prediction of periods and specific events in the life of a person or group, any natural or artificial process.

The system will be able to offer options for a favorable impact on the expected events and suggest a trusted expert who will provide appropriate assistance.

All working relationships in the Bhrigu system - payment for services, payment for services of experts, etc.-are based on their own BRI tokens, on the principles of smart contracts (SC) and on the principles of decentralized Autonomous organization (DAO).

Our task is to create a platform for the merger of all known predictive systems to get an acces to the knowledge that can influence the fate of man.

Combining all predictive algorithms into a single service will allow you to study statistics, make informed conclusions and identify the most effective methods in each of the parts.

The Bhrigu Artifcial Intelligence (AI) is designed to b an expert analyst which:

- selects the most accurate methods of predicting events

- generates a forecast at the intersection of the results of the best practices

- develops new algorithms and techniques based on a growing database of events
Community members will be able to directly influence the development of the platform, having a voice in the development of Bhrigu.

To determine the most valuable services for users, we create a platform for voting, where each interested participant of the project can Express their point of view. The weight of the vote is directly proportional to the investment in the project. Visible result for Bhrigu platform participants will bring maximum benefit to all ecosystem members.
The result visible to the participants of the platform
Bhrigu will bring maximum benefit to all the participants of the ecosystem.

Users will be able to:

-learn their predestination and social tasks;

-interrelate with other participants with the awareness of each other's goals and interests (relationships, friendship, travelling, work, partnership, research);

-promptly find the necessary expert to resolve particular issues – solving tasks, treatment, birth chart readings, guidance, etc);

-choose the timeframe and place for attaining their goals.

Experts will be able to:

-promote their personal brands;

-increase the inflow of clients desiring their services;

-participate in working out the system's methods and draw in profits from the project;

-gain access to the best tools of all known prognostication systems.

Business partners and investors will be able to:

- plan key decisions based on a new generation risk assessment system (including the latest market indicators)

- select staff and working groups based on their compatibility and future impacts
- to choose the place and time for the company Foundation and effective activity

On July 1, 2018, the research laboratory began to operate, studying the data by methods of various branches of knowledge:

- system analysis, statistics, scientific and Vedic astrology, numerology, etc.
Our researchers will work on the creation of new continuously improving methods of predicting events based on the synthesis of various techniques and approaches.

We know that on the basis of an accurate prediction, each person will have the opportunity to make an informed choice in the direction of realizing their calling and finding a happy life.

Next chapter
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