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Market rationale and analysis
According to the ancient Vedic texts, more than 5,000 years ago there lived a wise man called Bhrigu, and he put in writing the destinies of all people who ever lived, is living or will live on the Earth in "Destiny scrolls."

Today everyone can learn their destiny by visiting Bhrigu's descendants in India.

Modern scientific and Vedic astrology as well as other prognostication techniques show a high level of prediction accuracy.

With every passing day more and more people appreciate the usefulness of prognostication.

The present-time volume of the prognostication service market defies evaluation. Accurate predictions are of vital necessity to everyone: individuals, organizations, countries, banks, stock markets, agricultural undertakings and transport enterprises, insurance and retirement funds, etc., etc. The future of the prognostication service market is estimated at trillions of dollars.

A good expert's prediction accuracy comes to 80%. In spheres of occupations where reasoned decisions are excluded, prediction accuracy could reach 100%.

For example, the accuracy of defining a child's parents using Jyotish techniques is higher than those of genetic analysis.

Jung used to employ astrological techniques plentifully in his research, consultations, psychoanalysis practice.

Raymond Merryman is a renowned American astrologer, one of the best-rated world's expert on financial astrology. He has been publishing annual analytical materials for the financial market for a number of years, and they are used by traders all over the world.

Wolfgang Angermeyer, astrologer and high-class expert on economic matters, hailed as father of economic astrology, proved that all global economic trends are conditioned by the influence of transiting planets in the charts of countries, cities, as well as separate trusts, concerns and corporations.

He showed that astrological economic prognostications can be done years and decades ahead. Angermeyer improved his technique to such an extent that he could make exact predictions by cosmograms only.

His report "Economic astrology, economics and finances from the viewpoint of cosmology" created a furore in the economic and financial world both in the West and in the East.

In mid-1960s Dr. Harlan True Stetson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, speaking at the International Electrical Congress in New York, remarked: "If the interrelation between the influence of cosmic factors and their consequences on the Earth fall beyond mere coincidence… its research can bring to life new sciences – solaristics and lunaristics that could be regarded as an up-to-date scientific version of classic astrology. They will be instrumental in predicting the progress of the economic cycle, advent of earthquakes as well as a number of other global events…"

Back in 1961, at a conference at Massachusetts Technological Institute devoted to the subject of magnetism of the Earth and space bodies and its influence on the environment, Dr. Robert O. Becker, professor from New York University, delivered a report on the discovery of an electromagnetic field in the human body.

He proved that the human body, or its electromagnetic field, functions in exact correlation with the fluctuations of the Earth's electromagnetic field, which, in their turn, depend on the influence of cosmic factors.

J. Heyelrigg and J. McCormack were engaged in studying correspondence of world events with celestial bodies' cycles. Coincidences were also found between the general run of life, destinies of every individual and positions of the luminaries and planets at the moment of a person's birth. All of them can be determined well in advance and mathematically calculated with great accuracy.

In the period between 1995 and 1998 Vincent-Wayne Mitchell and his colleagues published in scientific journals (including those entered in the Scopus base) a series of studies on the possibility of employing astrological data in marketing.

While there is dearth of highly experienced prognostication experts in the world, many badly-qualified fortune tellers and quacks are plying their trade. Their activities ruin trust for even the most reliable prognostication techniques and raise doubts about the very fact of a possibility of accurate prognostications.

High quality prognostication and planning are available only for the elite, whereas common people lack the possibility to determine their vocations, appraise the consequences of their choices (of a partner, profession, residence, etc.). It leads to enormous waste of time and efforts, losses and bankruptcy.

It results in more than 50% of people feeling unhappy.

Bhrigu is a decentralized intelligent platform for analyzing and predicting events based on the Universe's natural rhythms. Entering the Bhrigu prognostication technique market will allow to statistically prove a high accuracy of predictions and help to build up trust for prognostication techniques, thereby developing the prognostication service market.

Our aim is to put together high technologies and methods of various predictive traditions, from ancient to the most modern ones. As a result we end up with a new generation predictive technique that is available to everyone.

Having conjoined experts' experience with artificial intelligence, Bhrigu will help to spare your resources and enhance the quality of your life.

The Bhrigu system is based on many years' experience and technologies of the astrology platform set up by our founder. For more than 10 years has been one of the leading astrological online resources to provide the widest range of astrological services including high-accuracy prognostication and business astrology services.

Our market research has revealed that for the moment there are no Bhrigu platform's direct competitors!

Our close associates in this sphere are Gnosis, Augur, Cindicator, Cryptics, SingularityNET.
Bhrigu provides answers to the following questions:
Health and security
What makes me ill?
When can I fall ill and what with?
How can I lead a long life full of energy?

Relationship with other people
When shall I meet my love?
How can I socialize with people harmoniously and achieve synergy?
How can I choose the most advantageous time for begetting a child?

Effective self-realization
How can I discover my vocation and make it profitable? When and where is it better to set up business? With whom?

Self-identification and soul searching
Who am I?
Why did I come here?
What is my predestination?
What direction should I be developing in?

Prediction of profits and losses for small and large businesses
What should I do to achieve success and avoid losses in business?
Futurologists say that within the next 10 years every second adult able-bodied person will be made redundant and will have to reinvent his life and rediscover his predestination in the new living conditions. After a couple of decades more the majority of the rest will be getting the same treatment.
The Bhrigu concept
Bhrigu is a hybrid intelligent system (HIS) producing new generation high-accurate predictions.

The HIS Bhrigu combines:

the newest technologies of data processing (machine education and artificial neuronets);

time-proven algorithms, methods of mathematical statistics, combinatorics, probability theory;

methods of scientific and Vedic astrology;

methods of other predictive systems;

expert knowledge and experience;

users' data.

Bhrigu is educated through the assistance of experts who add to the total database from their knowledge and experience.

Bhrigu creates predictions of characteristic periods and significant events in the life of an individual or a group of individuals, of any natural or artificial process. The system can suggest variants of beneficial influence on expected events and refer to a proven expert who will furnish suitable assistance.

All service-related interrelations within the Bhrigu system – payment for services, experts' fees and so on – are conducted with the special BRI tokens on the basis of smart contacts (SC) and on the principles of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Our task is creation of a platform that will unite all known prognostication systems and knowledge that can influence a person's fate.

The union of all prognostication algorithms in one system will allow to analyze statistics, arrive at valid conclusions and bring out the most efficacious techniques in each system.

The Bhrigu Artifcial Intelligence (AI) is designed to b an expert analyst which:

selects the most accurate techniques of event predictions;

creates prognoses employing the results of the best techniques;

works out new algorithms an techniques founded on the growing database of events.

The participants of the community can have a direct impact on the development of the platform enjoying a decision making power in the development of Bhrigu.

There is a voting platform for determining the most required services by users where every participant of the project can make their opinion known.

The weight of a vote is in direct ratio to the investment in the project.

The result visible to the participants of the platform
Bhrigu will bring maximum benefit to all the participants of the ecosystem.

Users will be able to:

learn their predestination and social tasks;

interrelate with other participants with the awareness of each other's goals and interests (relationships, friendship, travelling, work, partnership, research);

promptly find the necessary expert to resolve particular issues – solving tasks, treatment, birth chart readings, guidance, etc);

choose the timeframe and place for attaining their goals.

Experts will be able to:

promote their personal brands;

increase the inflow of clients desiring their services;

participate in working out the system's methods and draw in profits from the project;

gain access to the best tools of all known prognostication systems.

Business partners and investors will be able to:

plan key decisions based on the new generation systems of calculating risks (including the newest market indicators);

recruit staff and workgroups based on compatibility and prospective influence;

choose the time and venue for setting up a company and ensuring its efficacious running.

Understanding of future possibilities will allow to overcome unfavourable events and make the best use of favourable periods and life's lucky chances.

The 1st of July 2018 marked the beginning of the activity of a research laboratory studying existent data with techniques of different scientific fields:

system analysis, statistics, scientific and Vedic astrology, numerology, etc.

Our researchers will go on working on creating new and ever-developing techniques for event predictions based on a synthesis of various methods and approaches.

We know definitely that, building up on accurate predictions, every individual will have the possibility to make a deliberate decision towards realization of their predestination and securing happiness.

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