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The BHRIGU services
Version 0.9
The Bhrigu services
Intended use and mission (basic version)
The service designed to define material, strategic and spiritual goals in the life of an individual.

Intended use and mission (extended version)
The service assists in defining material, strategic and spiritual goals in the life of an individual, as well as his or her strong and weak points, natural gifts, karmic tasks of the current reincarnation, the state of health taking into account alterations of these factors with geographic relocations. Having this kind of information at his or her service, an individual can achieve the most important life goals.

Rectification of birth time
The rectification service allows to determine the exact birth time by recognized events in the life. Accuracy of birth time is essential for making prognostications. A 4-minute mistake in birth time can result in a prognostication error for one year!
Having passes a simple process of testing, any person can regain possession of their exact birth time and date to use them in other services with certitude.

Choice of a name or a creative pseudonym
The service will help you to choose a name or a creative pseudonym that best reveals the capabilities and strengths of a person, consonant with the type of activity and energy of a creative person.
Your day
A new day means a new energy strengthening some of our traits and weakening others. The service will issue harmony-aimed recommendations for every day tailored to every individual: special yoga exercises, clothes, stones, food.

Beauty calendar
The beauty calendar can pick out days suitable to beauty care: haircut, manicure, massage, makeup application, the beginning of a detox diet or health practice.

Daybook-cum-calendar with timing
A personal schedule planning daybook for every day which will prompt advantageous dates and times for various affairs, tasks, initiatives.

Detailed prognostication in the sphere of career and finances

Detailed prognostication in in the sphere of relationships

Detailed prognostication in in the sphere of bringing up children

Detailed prognostication in in the sphere of health

Planning your life
The service of predicting events within a given period of life. Pointing out the best periods for soul searching and self-realization, strengthening your social status, searching for a relationship, starting a family, climbing the career ladder and other tasks.

Planning moving
Choosing a new place to live which will be maximally conducive to implementing your plans and ideas, targeted events.
Meeting compatible people
The service singles out a perfect partner for marriage, friendship, teamwork with regard for astrological compatibility and karmic connections.

Prognostication for relationships
The service allows to build up harmonious and fruitful relationships with children, people close to you, lovers, friends, family members, and colleagues taking into account individual rhythms – harmonious and challenging periods in every person's life.
Business plan
The service can help to determine when and where it will be best to establish a company, when to deliver presentation, when and where introduce and launch your product, locate the headquarters and production. The service will show propitious and unpropitious periods in the director's life. Everyday employment of the service can save the director's time, efforts and resources as well as reduce their mistakes considerably.

Taking on personnel
The service will help managers to understand whether the applicant is suitable for the job, to build up and structurize an efficacious team.

Choosing the company's name and brand
A happily chosen name is the key factor of the organization's success. When choosing the name and brand it is advisable to make sure they correlate to the activity and the mission and carry the right imagery and associations. To go through reams of names and titles is a labour-consuming process which the service can perform much more quickly and easily.
Access to Bhrigu's database and tools
There is a possibility to carry out your own research and work out algorithms for predicting. The Bhrigu team will be willing to purchase proven algorithms with money from the special development fund.

Creation and promotion of a personal brand
The step-by-step creation of a personal brand suggests the individual's strong points which can and should be used when designing a personal brand.

Building and promotion of a personal site
The application allows to build a site offering your services within and without the platform quickly and effortlessly. The templates have inbuilt tracking systems that are based on smart contracts, the Bhrigu crypto currency and DAO principles. This approach allows to completely solve any experts' problems related to drawing in clients, ensuring their timely payments, taxation and legal support.

Creation and promotion of your own online school
The Bhrigu service allows to set up your own online school quickly and effortlessly. The expert will have to prepare the programme for the training course, make necessary videos and prepare tests for attenders according to the relevant template.
Trading application
The service that analyzes astrological trends of traditional and crypto currency markets (including the latest indices) as well as the trader's individual traits. It will prompt the trader the most profitable tool and exchange market.

Indicators of the possibility of important events happening
The service will assess the possibility of events influencing the market.

Auxiliary service products for trading
Special bots, products monitoring the portfolio's current condition

Analytic products
ICO ratings, ratings of market condition, analysis of the investor's portfolio
Information about the launch of services will be furnished in various ways as soon as each of them has been completed.

Daily/weekly/monthly indicators mailout;

personal area with the ability to check indicators and predictions of the neuron net;

mobile application;

API and BAAPS access.

Bhrigu ecosystem
One of the team's priority goals is creation of a complete infrastructure for insurance, pension, investment and other kinds of funds that will have access to the Bhrigu technologies (prognostic service - API - BAAPS).
The community will invite experts practicing ancient and modern prognostication techniques.

There are plans to set up a unique library of Knowledge and Practices effective in influencing people's lives. Instructors will be able to share their Knowledge with aspirants both online and face-to-face.

The community will become a platform enabling experts and users to share Knowledge, services and products conveniently, easily and safely within a decentralized environment.

There will be introduced voting on all important issues of the platform development on three levels:

participant voting;
user voting;
expert voting.

All voting can be carried out in two formats: general and paid. The money raised during paid votings will be used for the development of the voted-for service.

The platform will carry a number of tools designed to enable the participants to choose experts and services advisedly. For instance, it will be possible to mark the elements you like, to follow threads, to share content, to support and vote for an expert (thereby determining the expert's rating).

Experts will be involved in participating and posting useful information by rewards in Bhrigu tokens from the development fund as payment for valuable input.

The value of posted information will be determined by the number of likes each material gets from users experts in the relevant field.

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