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Meeting compatible people
The intelligent service singles out a perfect partner for marriage, friendship, teamwork with regard for astrological compatibility and karmic connections.

There are many people who are unable to find a partner for themselves. Having got their fingers burned more than once, they acquire a negative experience of forming relationships. Such individuals may grow disappointed in other people. The service will tell with a high degree of accuracy who and when it will be better to enter upon cooperation for creating a harmonious union.
Prognostication for relationships
The neuron service allows for building up harmonious and fruitful relationships with children, people close to you, lovers, friends, family members, and colleagues taking into account individual rhythms – harmonious and challenging periods in every person's life.

We rub shoulders with the people close to us unremittingly. So when any of us chances to get up on the wrong side of the bed it causes frictions. Many conflicts go on for years. It weakens us, drains vitality. Understanding the quality of the day for those near you can facilitate interrelations as well as avoid probable conflicts in future.
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